Beginner II Oil Painting Course offers a wider scope on painting approach and techniques. There is also a live model session. 


Through this course, participants will walk away with 4 paintings - 2 portrait paintings, 1 landscape painting and 1 abstract art painting.


All materials (paints, brushes, canvases) are provided. You are welcomed to bring your own materials.


Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Portrait I

Lesson 2: Portrait I

Lesson 3: Portrait II - Live Model (Alla Prima)

Lesson 4: Landscape II: Atmospheric Painting

Lesson 5: Landscape II: Atmospheric Painting

Lesson 6: Intro to Abstract Art (Palette Knife Painting)

Oil Painting Beginner II

  • Commencement time and date will be discussed with you through email or private message before the first lesson.

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