Release your inner Child through this Therapeutic & Expressive Workshop where participants will be immersed in their own world of Creation. This 3-day abstract painting workshop gives you an introduction and an overview to Abstract Art.


A Perfect and Must-Go for all working Adults if you are looking at expressing yourself & creating Art with a group of like-minded individuals on a relaxing weekend!



3 consecutive days. Each session is 2h each.


Lesson Outline

Lesson 1: Abstraction in Everyday Objects

Lesson 2: Abstraction of Medium/Tools

Lesson 3: Self-Expressive Work


Workshop Includes

Overview of Abstract Art & History

Application of Acrylic Paint

Experimentation of Abstract Techniques

3-Day Abstract Painting Workshop

  • Commencement time and date will be discussed with you through email or private message before the first lesson.

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