A one-off workshop to kickstart your art journey

Afraid of long-term commitment? Or not knowing where to start?

Our workshops are a one-off experience to give you a taste of the medium you are looking to explore.

We offer a variety of workshops catered to your timing.


Delve deeper through our courses 

Are you looking for short courses to develop your artistic skills? Or finding it difficult to commit because of your busy schedule?

Fret not, our courses are structured to impart the necessary skills to you through a maximum of 6 sessions, making it easy to fit into your calendar.

Personalised Lessons

Weekly classes tailored for you

Looking for a class where your lessons are tailor made just for you?

We focus on individual learning and student's artistic development. We have mentored many art students, enthusiasts and aspiring artists  in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea & China. Suitable for all levels.

Drop In

Busy? Need a flexible timing to suit you?

Drop In is a new initiative by L.A.C. for busy individuals who desire to learn more yet unable to commit to a fixed schedule.

Now you can arrange your lessons to suit your busy schedule and learn at ease.

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